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Organizziamo eventi nel campo del Turismo

We organize Promotional Events on behalf of foreign Companies in the Tourism field. It could be just a “one time event” or a series of events planned along the season.
Foreign Tourism Companies, not yet represented in Italy, may now, through luzzpresents:, cover the Italian market with a light and flexible Marketing Campaign; we can get in contact with Travel Agents and tourism experts to launch a particular product or simply to consolidate the brand.
A full service from invitations handling to location choice, from recall actions to post-event activities; everything is done with a special care and attention to details.
And of course we will make the Presentation itself, using the software Prezi, ideal for a modern and engaging event.

The reason why you may consider to assign an event organization to luzzpresents:

After more than 30 years in the tourism business, always dealing with foreign suppliers and receptives, and with several tourism events planned and attended in Italy, we think we know how to handle your needs.
This is why we propose ourselves in such specific field; together with our “core business” of the Presentations with the software Prezi, we are sure to be on the right path...

We organize Tourism Events

Do you need someone to organize a Tourism event in Italy?

Accordingly to the Company's needs, luzzpresents: can organize any type of tourism event: from small to bigger ones, with additional collateral services. 
Just as an example, here below we list some basic services we are able to offer for a typical Tourism Presentation to T.O. and/or Travel Agents.
Neverheless, each event is unique, and services are tailor-made depending on the occasion; we are indeed open to any kind of solution and plan.

What we may do for you

We might organize and handle your next tourism event

A typical situation of a receptive operator needing to launch a Service (a certain Program, a Destination, a new Brand, etc.) in the Italian market.
The goal of the event is therefore a “perfect pitch” of a Product to Italian skilled Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Tourism Experts, as well as Bloggers or Press.
Events organization

UNDERSTANDING Company's needs and expectations. This is the first and most important action to be taken. A good start is the perfect way to set objectives and targets.

plan an event
PLANNING: A proposal will be sent to client and a few ideas on how to operate will be shared. With this step a “starting agreement” will be set.
audience event
ATTENDEES: luzzpresents: will take care of coordinating and handling guests invitations, reconfirmations, recalls and follow-ups.
location event
LOCATION: the best possible location for each single event will be chosen according to every situation. This can be set in any Italian city thanks to our  multiple connections in the tourism business.
Event presentation
LIVE PRESENTATION: being this the core business of luzzpresents:, it will be a great pleasure to present and talk about the Products to attendees, not before an adequate preparation and in-depth study.
Prezi presentation iPad
PREZI PRESENTATION: luzzpresents: will indeed be available to prepare an appealing and engaging Prezi Presentation on behalf of the client. Such Prezi will then be available for future usage.
These are the basic services we are offering for a Tourism Event in Italy. Additional ones such as “filming the event”, "handouts handling”, “marketing issues take-over” or any other assistance clients may need, can be handled by luzzpresents:

Questo servizio è principalmente proposto ad Aziende straniere del settore turismo per l'organizzazione di eventi promozionali, una tantum o ripetuti nel tempo.
Un'Azienda straniera che non ha rappresentanze in Italia, potrà affidarsi a noi per un'azione commerciale a spot. Un servizio completo perciò: dalla gestione degli inviti, alla scelta della location, dalla gestione recall, all'organizzazione

di attività collaterali; il tutto con una cura particolare di tutti i dettagli correlati all'evento.
E ovviamente la gestione della Presentazione, con l'ausilio di Prezi, il software ideale per un evento moderno e coinvolgente.
Questa pagina è principalmente in lingua inglese, ma certamente i nostri servizi sono rivolti a qualsiasi Azienda desideri avvalersene.

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