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We are there to prepare your next presentation. We don´t work with old fashion powerpoint slides! Instead, we propose you the recent and innovative Prezi platform Prezi.
You won´t have to lose your time by choosing the model to use,the design, the texts, the photos and the videos anymore! Just send to luzzpresents your needs and we will deal with them, taking care of everything.

Outsourcing s the right word: assigning to a specialized Company an important job, which will be taken care og, the best possible way, in order to give birth to a truly successful event.

Moreover, if you deem it necessary, we will be able to stand beside you on stage during the presentation (see below).
Detailed studies on communication are our strength, to assist you in the realization of a successful event.

Our work method – Stages

The free quotation includes 2 personalized propositions, based on your needs.
This valuable service will allow you to assign the job only after evaluating ad-hoc drafts!


The most important stage! Understanding your necessities, goals, expectations and strategies in detail. This is our absolute priority.



Study and analytic phase, making, together with the client, the main choices in order to create a winning presentation.



The core of our job. We work constantly updating the client on the unfold job, the timings and the project status.



In the final stage we verify online with our client the final result, discussing and approving the work in its complexity and eventually deciding some last changes.



Demo of the final Presentation and delivery. You´ll have your right product for a successful event… right in your hands!

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Bored with your old Presentation?

Converting your old powerpoint in compelling PREZI!

If your powerpoint is now a bit “out of date” and you don’t like it anymore, you’ll only need to forward to luzzpresents: the ppt file.
We will then convert it in a modern and appealing Prezi.

Joining you during the event

Luzzpresents: may join you and support you during your live presentation (on stage) or online (webinar).
Questo affiancamento può avvenire “live” (di persona) o via web (per es. webinar). This service is offered whenever luzzpresents: is also involved with a Prezi presentation.

The added value to this service is to be joined by an expert who can surely strengthen your speech by using modern storytelling techniques. The goal is to assist you and to make the presentation engaging, winning, pleasant to hear and, of course, unique!

Contact us to learn more about this service.

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