Founded by three Hungarians from Budapest, today this Company has its central headquarter in San Francisco, California.  Prezi is a firm offering a cloud-based platform which will allows to create stunning Presentations. The Software Prezi does not have a typical “slide after slide” structure, but -instead- it stands out, projecting us in a world of interactive Presentations, involving, modern, engaging and “revolutionary in their simplicity”.

The use of Prezi also suggests us the use of modern communicative techniques, such as storytelling, visual presentation and conversational presentation, essential tools in today´s business communication’s world. Combining these ultimate techniques, together with the Prezi software, we find the best possible conditions to create “the perfect presentation”. 

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Prezi Presentations are more engaging, involving and effective if compared to those done with other programs. Prezi, also available in italian, is a revolutionary program. Thanks to this tool, we easily succeed in applying the most modern techniques of communication to our presentations. This helps us to improve the effectiveness of any kind of presentation, making it memorable. The ideal tool for Business winning Presentations!
Here below you can find hints to some communication strategies:

Visual Presentation = less text and more pictures, a better graphical interface and videos.
No more endless slides full of words! Your audience will understand more quickly and …memorize!

Storytelling Technique: involve your listener by telling stories and narrations. Arouse interest and move your audience in order to engage it. Tell anecdotes and refer to experiences and case-histories to translate in practical examples your arguments, making the contents easier to follow.

Conversational Presentation, the offer of an involving presentation structure and the experience in interactive conversations with the listener are fundamental.
The cooperation between presenter and audience raises the attention, the learning and the memorization abilities of your listeners.

Great adaptation to the demand of the listener, possibility to freely choose the order of the topics without respecting a pre-arranged fixed outline (as you are forced to do by a classical PPT presentation).


3D Technique, just like a mind map.
The different topics are set in visual spaces where the third dimension plays an important role.
The links between topics are certainly more visible and understandable since they´re visually represented instead of only explained verbally.

Revealing the hidden contents of the canvas is one of the most exciting aspects of this revolutionary program. The listener watches on the screen the evolution of the presentation where invisible contents become visible thanks to the presenter, who is able to disclose them just through simple clicks.

Luzzpresents: makes use of these communication guidelines in order to create effective Prezi Presentations for the audience.
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If you’d like to convert your old powerpoint into a beautiful Prezi, contact us and we will prepare for you a couple of drafts for free.  In a short time and at limited costs, you may have your Presentation completely renew!

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