Engaging Presentations Courses

Would you like to upgrade your Presentations level?
Would you like to quickly learn how to use the software Prezi?

Preparing at best our next meeting, our webinars, and most of all our events, we will stand out.
Building engaging presentations, functional and up to date, we will attract more attention and reach our goals in a faster way.

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Learning specific Communication tecniques, and a revolutionary software such as Prezi, alternative to powerpoint, we will build more engaging, endearing, and as a consequence “successfulPresentations.
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Engaging Presentations Courses

main topics

1st Level

4 hours option
8 hours option

    • How to improve our Presentations
    • How to build engaging slides
    • Visuals, Storytelling, Conversational Presentation
    • Prezi, a revolutionary software
    • Differences with powerpoint
    • Zooming and panning
    • Templates
    • How to convert a powerpoint


12 hours option
16 hours option

  • In addition to 1st Level:
    • Video-calls and Webinar
    • Company, Commercial, Training and internal Presentations
    • Prezi Desktop
    • Prezi: video and audio files handling
    • Portable Prezi, the stand-alone file
    • Prezi Video, the new Application
    • Prezi Design

Teaching methods

in English and Italian

How much
does a Course cost?

Companies and Organizations may contact us to receive a Tariff with all mentioned Courses.

We periodically organize Online Courses, ideal for free lancers, teachers, students, and lovers of the subject…

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Our Courses offer

Ist Level Course - online, live - 12 hrs
€ 198 per person, minimum 5
Advantages: live teacher, informative handout

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Luzzpresents exclusive

Video-call or telephone Assistance
for 3 months after the Course

1st Level Program

  • Structure and organize a Presentation
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Suggestions for a simple successful design
  • Images (graphics nods)
  • Where to find free images and illustrations
  • Getting to know our public, our goals, our subjects
  • Planning the event
  • Hints on live performances
  • Public Speaking (nods)
  • A cloud based software
  • The philosophy of a new Presentations tool
  • Prezi accounts: free/with licence
  • Prezi online (www.prezi.com) and offline (Prezi Desktop)
  • The Dashboard
  • Topics and sub-topics
  • Fade-in/out e zoom-in/out Animations
  • Setting the Presentation on canvas
  • Adding, amending and handling images, text, shapes, arrows, symbols, icons
  • Shape & Layout
  • Story blocks
  • Alternative starting point
  • Background image
  • Differences between “Planet” and “Stack” topics
  • Folders
  • The library
  • Collaborating on same Prezi
  • Create a link
  • Topics order setting
  • Insert a PDF

Advanced Program

  • Slidedoc: Presentations “to be delivered”
  • Graphics choice and handling
  • Privacy setting
  • Presenter's notes
  • “Live Prezi”, remote presenting
  • Download in pdf format
  • Embedding code for websites
  • Prezi Analytics
  • Insert Comments
  • More than a million HD images and more than 80.000 symbols and icons
  • Photo Editor
  • Charts
  • Presenter's view

Prezi Video

  • A Presentation integrated on a video.
  • Recorded or live

Prezi Design

  • Our documents layout and pagination
  • Infographics, Posters, Post on Socials, Reports...

Technical requirements:

  • Prezi account, free or under licence
  • Updated PC (please test Prezi ahead of the Course; contact us for further information)
If you are bored by the old way of presentations “slide after slide” Prezi is the software you need...!
Very much developed in many countries around the world, today (2020) Prezi is, in Italy well knowns in schools (higher and university), but still not much known in business.
For many reasons it's a revolutionary tool,
which helps in applying the most modern presentations techniques, ,
focusing on images rather than text; visuals are in fact essential to memorize concepts in a faster way.
Thanks to Prezi learning, your Presentations will be more engaging, effective, and as a consequence successful.
Our Prezi Courses contemplate both “basic topics” (open an account, differencies with Powerpoint, set a new presentation, manage background image, upload images, videos, icons, etc.) and “advanced topics” (animations, share a Prezi, Prezi Desktop, Portable Prezi, etc.) for all level of usage.
During the Course we will provide many precious technical informations such as where to download free images and many other secrets on how to prepare a successful Presentation!

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