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My usiness experience comes from the tourism world, where I‘ve been working for more than 30 years, employed by major tour operators.
I´ve always worked on the outgoing, holding different tasks both in Italy and in the U.S.A., being the Product Manager and the responsible for marketing and commercial activities.
The field of presentations has recently gained my interest and the approach to the world of Prezi… pulled the trigger!

Davide Luzzati, founder

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I´ve started to investigate further some aspects of presentations in the communication context.
Getting to learn Prezi has been fundamental to me and it pushed the idea of becoming a specialist in presentations. I´m strongly convinced that in Italy the communication field has a big room for improvement. Companies do not devote the necessary attention to the preparation of the events and I’ve often seen presentations of a mediocre level.

On 2017 I put myself out there with enthusiasm, willing to make the change by bringing the contributions and the improvements that my experience and my critical spirit have suggested me during the past years. One of the most ambitious objectives that I set, is to contribute to the general rising of the qualitative level of the Presentations.

I strongly believe that any event organized by a company should aim to a “great success”. This goal can be reached just by preparing it to the best and by using the appropriate visual support together with the right techniques. Subjects such as “storytelling”, “conversational presentation” and “visual presentation” are the ones required for a correct preparation in order to be successful and….winning!

It´s not just about the innovative Prezi software, removing for good the old “slide by slide” presentation style, but it is also about a planned presentation technique, studied in great detail, up to date, more catchy and engaging.

Engaging is a real key word. In fact, any kind of presentation should aim to attract, fascinate, involve and interest the audience. The listener shouldn´t be passive but should participate. He should be fascinated both by the presentation itself and by the way the speaker is presenting it. Only this way the audience can effectively participate to the event. No more bored audience desperately trying to peek on their smartphones and getting constantly distracted!

Those are just some of the aims of luzzpresents: in a world where the Vis a Vis meetings stay at the base of business and where talking to each other keeps being fundamental and necessary.

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